About Us

My mother always told me that putting on a piece of jewelry made her feel sexy. Ever since hearing
that as a little girl, I have been inspired to make other woman feel as sexy my mother felt when she
adorned herself with a beautiful necklace or lavish earrings. I have spent over a decade creating handmade pieces for women and now for men who look for that one accessory to highlight not only their outfit but their personality. Each item I design is handmade in order to add a quality finish to what began as decadent beads or jewels; all dedicated to accentuating every woman's and man's sex appeal. My goal has always been to promote confidence in every women and men of all sizes and colors. Jewelry is typically worn on a persons pulse points: ears, neck and wrists. These are considered the sexiest & most alluring parts of a the body and I want everyone to adorn their pulse points and embrace their sexiness.